Sunday, April 29, 2007

Blocking Tomorrow, the Mai Tai Tonight!

Life has been a social whirl this past week here at Molecular Knitting: three dinners out last week! This did not leave a lot of time for knitting but I did manage to get the Chevron Scarf off the needles. So tomorrow (Monday) evening is dedicated to blocking both it and the Aran Pocket Shawl.

"Block me, baby!"--Chevron Scarf.
"What's to become of us?!"--Aran Pocket Shawl.
"We're gonna be blocked, straightened out, my YOs opened up, your welts flattened out."--CS
"Oh, Mr. Chevron, I have such palpitations when I think of the blocking! Will you be with me and protect me, Mr. Chevron, dear?"--APS
"Look, Doll, you're a shawl and I'm a scarf. No one wears a shawl and a scarf at the same time, not even on the pages of VK. I've got a date with a coffee-colored, wide wale corduroy pea coat. We're kismet. We're destiny. We coordinate. You need to find yourself a nice shell or blouse in a nice navy blue or plum."--CS
"Oh, dear! Oh, dear!"--APS

While my handknits prepared for blocking, M whipped up the quintessential Tiki drink: the Mai Tai.


M as usual did a stupendous job on the bartending front, however, I was not fond of the Mai Tai. It was very sweet, and the orgeat (almond) syrup was over-powering in my opinion. M liked it better, considering it the "ultimate" Tiki drink, but agreed with me that the Mojito and Hemingway Daiquiri were tastier. I guess they can't all be winners. We'll just have to try again next weekend!

I hope all of you had a great weekend!


Humuhumu said...

I bet it was too sweet -- a real Mai Tai does not have Grenadine in it. I've seen worse recipes than that one (typical Mai Tai-in-name-only horrors include pineapple juice, too), but it's still ways off from the actual classic drink. It's worth trying again, with a closer recipe -- when made right (read: well-balanced, not too sweet, not too tart), a Mai Tai is pure heaven.

Take a look at . Don't let the price tag throw you -- as mentioned in the article, the investment actually pays off in about 25 $4 Mai Tais, and you don't really have to buy those super-expensive rums. As long as you get similar rums (same region & rum type), you'll be in good shape.

Hope you'll give it another try!

Lorraine said...

Brenda- I remember Zombies, Singapore Slings- Golden Cadillacs-
ahhhhhhhhhh youth!

Words to the wise- block before the Mai Tai's.

Zarzuela said...

LOL! The conversations your knits have crack me up. :)


Jen said...

All I have to say is that I wish my FO's would talk to each other the way yours do! :)

The scarf looks great!

JulieFrick said...

Mmmm. Fruity drinks. How I miss them.

abby said...

Try, try again is my motto for cocktails! The scarf and shawl look lovely, too.

Chris said...

But - in the pages of Knitters - maybe! :D

Beth S. said...

Wherever did you find those tiki glasses?... They're so horrid, they're awesome!

Poor APS! It's not easy being a warm woolen shawl in May (which I guess it will be by the time it's blocked.) Have you got an armchair that would be beautified by a shawl casually draped over the back? (And in a coordinating fabric?)

pamela wynne said...

mmmmmojitos! The chevron colors are great -- can't wait to see these two blocked.

Also, you always leave such lovely comments on my blog, but I don't have your email address to respond! :(

Twisted Knitter said...

I love it when your knits talk! LOL!

Mmmmm . . . Mai Tai. The cocktail sounds lovely -- way to go Bartender M.

nova said...

Yay for knits being off the needles! Oh, when knits talk...cute!

Judy G. said...

You gotta love any drink with an umbrella. My current fave is mango rum brought back from the caribbean (not so much the banana rum Son gifted me with in January) with pineapple juice.

Kim said...

I love your Chevron scarf! I'm hoping next week at this time I'll be in Hawaii, enjoying pina coladas (I like them better than mai tais - but maybe I've never had a good one) and knitting on my own Chevron. I don't think mine will be as verbally feisty as yours, though!

Christy said...

Maybe that Aran Pocket Shawl needs a good gulp of some Mai Tai to ease its nerves