Monday, February 19, 2007

Landscape Shawl: Pattern Notes

I've worn the Landscape Shawl a couple of times now, even though we are having unseasonably warm weather, and I am completely hooked on the whole shawl gestalt. They are so handy and pretty! Last Friday dawned a sunny day, so I cajoled M into taking some pictures outside.

GMM Landscape Shawl

Landscape Shawl

Pattern: Landscape Shawl from Fibertrends (2000)
Yarn: Cherry Tree Hill Supersock in Green Mountain Madness (2.3 skeins; 420 yd/skein)
Needles: Inox, US 5, 24-inch circular (pointy tip, scratchy sound)
Dimensions: 40" deep; wingspan 75" (very good for my body)
New Techniques: knitting a triangle, picot selvedge, knitted cast-on

Options: The pattern is written for several different yarn weights (lace to worsted). I used a fingering weight, and used a needle one size smaller than suggested. There were two options for the bind off depending upon the shape of the triangle I wanted. I chose to use a size 8 needle so that I could get more wingspan, which worked out very well. The other option was to use the same size needle as for the knitting, and then the result should be a longer, truer triangle shape.

Notes: As some readers have commented in WIP posts, this is a good pattern for a variegated yarn, as there are some stitch pattern variations, but no lace or cabling to get lost in the color changes. I like the drape and lightness of the supersock fabric, but golly jeepers, that made it a big project. If I were to ever knit this pattern again, it would be with a multi-colored DK or worsted weight yarn. I really only see myself making this again if I were to have such a yarn, and not enough of it for a sweater. In fingering yarn, this was 47,600 stitches, in worsted weight only 17,800 (67,900 in lace weight!). All in all, it was a long, easy knit. I'm glad I knit it; it stays on my shoulders without falling. I love the colors and the fabric, but I'm ready for more of a challenge.


Paula said...

Very nice. No wonder I didn't get very far with that pattern in lace weight-too many stitches to think about.

Alison said...

Beautiful! I did mine in laceweight, but after all the complicated lace I feel compelled to do, it was nice and easy. Took forever, but I had other projects going. (Don't I always?!)

Kristy said...

Wow, that's a lot of work! I'm sure it makes a wonderfully light and drapey shawl, though.

Lorraine said...

I really like the fact that shawls are freeform- no sleeves or buttonholes.
I love the color you used. Really pretty.

KnitNana said...

How pretty! Umm...yeah, no laceweight on this one for me, either!

Kim said...

It looks lovely, but I can see how you got bored with it towards the end. That's the flat Central Valley I know! It looks beautiful this time of year.

Brigitte said...

Oh, it's beautiful! Looks like my kind of shawl (don't have much luck when it comes to lace knitting...). It is a beautiful colour!

pcr said...

It's really beautiful! The color looks great on you. Out of curiosity, what do you wear your shawl with? Since finishing my Shetland Triangle, I haven't found an occasion to wear it yet.

Christy said...

After all the smaller snippets that we got to see, it's nice to see the entire completed project. It looks great. Well done.

Twisted Knitter said...

WOW! I love it -- you chose a perfect yarn for this shawl, in my opinion, but OH the 47,600 stitches!

It's beautiful and you did a wonderful job.

nona said...

Your landscape shawl turned out beautifully and looks great out in your pastoral landscape. I'm sure this shawl will quickly become a favorite.