Monday, October 23, 2006

Finished Pieces, A Rude Cat, and A Big Mess!

Much knitting has taken place here at chez Molecular Knitting, but before we get to that I have an update from Wisconsin. Faithful readers will remember that in September I sent Mom some feltable yarn for knitting cat beds. Well, after knitting and felting a really cool handbag from her own yarn,

moms purse

she set right to work on a Kitty Bed for Rip:

cat bed

It felted a little smaller than Mom expected, but it still looks great.

However, this was Rip's RESPONSE:
Rip and bed
A Raspberry! What a RUDE cat!

According to Mom, he will have NOTHING to do with it. She's tried putting it on his blue blankie, and he ignores it. She turned it upside down so it was flat and put it on the heating pad, which Rip sleeps on as it cools down after Dad uses it every morning before his PT exercises. No go. He is completely ungrateful. He's 18 and a half years old in people years (about 70 million in cat years), and I guess he doesn't feel the need to be polite. Since Mom is also the Food Lady, I question his common sense in snubbing her handknit gift. But then again, his brain is very small.

Back here in California, I have completed knitting all the major pieces of the La Gran lilac cardigan. Yay!! I haven't blocked it yet, because my blocking surface has become a bit crowded.


This is an intermediate stage in a major reorganization in the bead room. Until this morning I had hit a snag. I have some non-beading, non-knitting crafting stuff I don't need or want anymore, and M figured out the perfect person to give it to while I lamented over what to do with the stuff during coffee. I need to contact her, and I hope she will be amenable. I don't like having more stuff than I can put away, and my yarn stash has been growing. By the way, the PVC pipes lying on the yarn pile are needle holders made for me by M. They keep my needles very safe, and M even drilled holes in the tops so the bamboo can breathe. M says I could drive our truck over the pipes, but I think I'll just trust him on that one.

I also did some deep background knitting that I can't share in photos at this time, but I hope to have more interesting knitting progress in the next couple of days that I can show. But now, it's back to the needles and string.

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