Friday, September 08, 2006

Shameless, Truly

First and foremost, I must rectify my neglect from yesterday (even though I wasn't called on it). The cat photos were taken by my brother, Thomas, on his new digital camera. He's become a really good photographer. I meant to give him photo credits, but then I forgot. You can't trust a big sister with anything. Thanks, Thomas!

I have found out that at least six people read my blog! OK, one is M, and he reads it because as soon as I publish a new post I bring it to him on my MacBookPro and say (shoving the computer in his face) "Read my new post!" And, yes, my mom also reads my blog; she did teach me to knit, so it would look pretty bad if she didn't read it. Plus she's a former high school English teacher. She probably fears I'll give her a pop quiz on blog content during one of our weekly phone conversations. But four other people, who I am not related to legally in any way read my blog. Two even have me bookmarked. So, I better get to the knitting stuff before all of you give me up as a lost cause.

I am almost done with my potluck brights socks. This means I may now officially start thinking about the next pair to knit. And herein lies my difficulty: I can't decide. So, I shall leave it to any readers who care to comment. I'll give you two possibilities, and whichever gets the most votes, I'll make first. As I also have gifts to knit, I am running low on time to knit socks for myself, so this is a weighty matter (to me anyway).

Choice #1:
IMG_0949.JPG IMG_0950.JPG
The pattern is the Friday Harbour Socks from Knitting on the Road by Nancy Bush, and the yarn is Fleece Artist Merino in the Hercules colorway (color is more accurate in the second photo).

Choice #2:
The pattern is RPM from the Summer 2006 issue of Knitty. The yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Potluck in blues/purples. It is out of focus (tripod is on order, yay!), but the color looks good on my computer.

So there you have it. Only YOU can save me from indecision and cold toes. Don't let my little toes suffer. They beg you to cast a vote.

To put you in a beautiful frame of mind, here is the end of the sunset at our place today (it was even more gorgeous driving home from the grocery store when I didn't have my camera, naturally).
Have a great weekend!


Nancy Ullrey said...

I vote for selection #2--it reminds me of the sunset photo you took too! And I have your blog bookmarked as well, but I haven't spent much time on the 'net lately. Keep up the good work, both blogging and knitting!

Natasha said...

You have to make choice 2 socks! You want to make choice 2 socks! You need the pair of choice 2 socks! There is no doubt, they are the best :)