Sunday, September 10, 2006

Is this right?

Help! Of the six people I know of who read this blog, 2 are master sweater knitters (yes, Mom, I'm including you in the 2!). I am not sure I have done the neck shaping correctly, although I can't think of another way to interpret the instructions. The shaping I've done looks like this:
The directions read from Vogue Knitting:
Next Row (RS): Work to last 7 stitches, place these sts on a holder. Next Row Bind off 4 sts (neck edge) work to end. Cont to bind off from neck edge 3 sts once, 2 sts 2 times--29 sts.

I assumed that meant the binding off always had to occur on the WS rows, where the neck edge was the beginning of the row. Binding Off at the end of the RS rows would leave my yarn away from the live edge of the knitting, which I thought must not be what I was supposed to do. But binding off on the WS rows made little steps, and these little steps have caused me concern. So, did I do this correctly? Will the little steps all get fixed with the seed stitch neck band done later? Or do I need to rip back and fix things? Help please! And, if you haven't voted on the sock issue from the last post, take a gander at it and cast a vote! Thanks! (My future cardigan thanks you also from keeping her from looking ghastly.)


Anonymous said...

I have done a baby sweater that had a similar feature. The button band was transfered to stich holders and then the next stiches were k2tog/ssk rather than BO.
The pattern is.....
It turned out nice in the end.
So it sounds good to me!

Anonymous said...

I think you have done this correctly. The little steps as you call them are typical of making a neck edge. Is there a collar or ribbing to finish off the edge?

Jacquie said...

You have done it correctly.

As you surmise the bind offs have to be at the beginning of the row. When you do the other front the bind offs will be on the RS.

When you next feel like learning a new technique there is a way of doing the decreases that avoids the step phenomenon and gives a nice smooth edge.

It's the Sloped Bind Off here
about half way down the page