Friday, September 01, 2006

An FO and Seymour

In reference to Tuesday's blog with Golden Gate Bridge picture, be sure to read Marnie's blog and see her almost identical GGB through the windshield photo. Plus, she has gorgeous photos of the Redwoods and the Oregon forests and fireman.

Two days away from blogging, but at least I have an FO to show for it:


I DID NOT, repeat, DID NOT try to match the stripes. It just happened. Really. I was at the end of the K1P1 of the cuff when the deja vu hit me, and I checked the first sock. I was excited enough to show M. I mean, what were the odds? He thought I should try to match stripes for every pair, but I would rather live with the suspense. I hope this weekend that my new manual on all things HTML, XHTML and CSS will help me to put a link in my sidebar for an FO 2006 album. I'll have to wrestle the manual away from M first, but if I ask him to help me (we usually both need a cocktail after that), it should get done.

May I introduce you to Seymour? Seymour is our Anthurium cubense plant, which we have had for 2 years. When we bought it at the university horticulture department sale, the horticulturist said it was a "vigorous" grower. Seymour was in an 8" diameter pot. Now Seymour is in a 16" diameter pot, which if you remember geometry has 4 times more area than the 8" pot. Two weeks ago, I noticed that Seymour was putting out his second new leaf of 2006:


And now, a mere 14 days later:


Seymour is very busy. The leaf directly behind the new leaf is Seymour's first new leaf of 2006, which appeared in March (notice the corner of the lightswitch cover peaking out from behind the leaf--it's 4 feet off the floor). M and I love Seymour, but we are very concerned. Getting downright frightened actually. Is our apartment big enough for the three of us? And what about in November when our 6-foot Ficus benjamina wants to come inside? Seymour has taken over his place, the only place we have for good light. As I said, we are concerned.

Well, blogging does not an FO make, and I miss my yarn and needles.

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