Thursday, March 15, 2007

Evil Eye Candy and Indecision

Aren't they pretty?



Don't they look sweet and innocent? Innocent like Brigitte's Gandalf! Deep within their flowery hearts lurks an insidious evil. I speak of pollen. Actually, I don't know what these flowers are, and if in fact their pollen causes seasonal allergies, but somebody's pollen does. I am not the only sufferer. We gather at work in the morning to compare symptoms. Since I don't wear contacts, my itchy eyes weren't the worst in lab, but the fact that I had to blow my nose six times before getting out of bed gave me most active nose honors. The lovely breeze today just spread all those plant male gametes around, and with 315 cash crops in California, there is a lot of variety. It will be a couple of days before my new anti-allergy prescription will be effective. Until then, the outside and I do not get along. But you came for knitting content.

And the knitting content leads to indecision today. In my last post I was all set to make a chevron scarf as many of you figured out. I am very busy with science work for the next several weeks, so I want happy, pretty, easy therapy knitting. As I said I was all set, then I perused my sock stash looking for my STR Henpecked to give to Elsie for her birthday (if your birthday is on the Ides of March, you deserve STR), and then indecision struck. So which option do I choose?

Options 1 and 2

Originally, I chose the burgundy with the Woodland (bottom yarn), but then I found the Claudia Hand Paints in Walk in the Woods (upper left), which also looked good with the burgundy. But if that wasn't enough to consider, I found these:

Option 3: Cherry Tree Hill in Gypsy Rose and Martha's Vineyard

I am at a complete impasse. Any thoughts?


Brigitte said...

I kind of like option 3 actually. You must have an *amazing* sock yarn collection, by the way!

I am sooo lucky - I have NO allergies at all. But I hope your new meds kick in soon!

PCR said...

The Cherry Tree Hill yarn is beautiful! It may be hard to tell which yarns will work best until you swatch.

I have seasonal allergies too. Luckily, it's still pretty far from spring here in Cleveland.

Jen said...

I too like option three. That is such beautiful yarn!

Have a good weekend and I hope your nose stops misbehaving!

paula said...

Yeah, the first thing I thought when I saw the word Evil was, "My throat hurts." That's what I felt when I walked to my car parked under a Bradford pear tree.
Beautiful pics though, of blossoms and yarn.

Forest said...
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Stacey said...

I'd say the CTH - they would make a great chevron!

Kristy said...

I actually like your original choice the best :) But I'm not as much into blues.

Sorry about your allergies. I have them too-- they really can be frustrating!

Lorraine said...

Brenda- I guess Spring isn't always wonderful when you have allergies.

Decisions, decisions... they're all lovely!

Chris said...

I like Option 3!

Damned allergies... they're slowly gearing up here and I'm already dreading them.

Kim said...

I like all of them. From what I've seen around blogland, the ones that "pop" the most are ones which have no colors in common - funny, because I would never have chosen like that.

The photos at the top look to me to be mountain laurel, but I know them from the Northeast, not central CA.

knittingphilistine said...

Go with your gut... first choice, definitely! And you've come to the right place... nothing but easy, fun, happy knitting! I foresee lots of chevrons are in my future filled with dissertation angst. Can't wait to see!!

PS: Don't worry too much about your choices, as you can see pretty immediately whether your pair is going to work well together or not.

Twisted Knitter said...

Option #3 - it's "zingy"

But you know, with such good raw material to begin with, I bet than ANY of the options will be smashing.

Swatch and see?

Anonymous said...

wow, so many pretty yarns! lucky you. the chevron scraf is definately on my list of to-do's. it's such a lovely pattern.
i like the cherry tree hill the best because i am a *sucker for bright pinks and purples!

Christy said...

I still like Option 1. I think they would all work well, however option one really pops out at me.

Beth S. said...

Can't help you with the scarf (except maybe to say that I liked your original combination just fine) but I'm pretty sure your evil flowering tree is a mountain laurel.

KnitNana said...

oh yeah. Cherry Tree Hill. But you knew I'd say that! LOVE option 3.
Gorgeous colors - happy get you through the allergy blues!

Rachel said...

What gorgeous yarn! I really couldn't choose, either.

However, the flowers you posted I think were mountain laurel (a personal favorite of mine, and one which I'm terribly homesick for) or apple blossoms. It's a bit hard to tell with the bottom picture.

Good luck with your yarn choice!