Thursday, December 07, 2006

Let's do Lunch!

The problem with knitting projects that are large triangles or rectangles is that progress shots aren't exactly a thrill. So, although I will talk about one of my projects, lets get to it through a small tour of the knitting blogosphere.

First, I am still playing with templates for this blog. I will probably try to design my own from scratch. With M's help that should be very doable. Right now this new green template doesn't make me as mad as the other template I was using. So, faithful readers may find a different looking blog from time to time. I also want to get a better picture of me, but that may prove more difficult than learning CSS code. I also found out from reading someone's blog today, that she finds blogger doesn't always leave the email address of commenters even when they leave an address. I didn't know this could happen. If you have left me comments and I haven't emailed you or commented on your blog, it's because I don't know how to contact you. Does anyone else have this problem? Is there something I can do to fix this?

When I was a kid, my mom would sometimes comment about a person that they would be "a good person to have lunch with." What she said she meant by that was she thought the person would be interesting to talk to, would make my mom think in new directions, would be a good and fun person to know. Lunch is a conversational meal, usually without alcohol or romantic overtones, so conversation, especially on topics of mutual interest but not necessarily getting to know all the facts of a person's life, is the key. I think many of the people whose blogs I read are people I would like to have lunch with. I've decided from time to time to write a little about my interaction with these people through their blog content and possible mutual commenting. I have been highly influenced in many creative and positive ways by knitting bloggers, and I feel the need to codify my appreciation.

Last post, I mentioned my quandry with the Grapevine Scarf. It's so pretty; it's annoying to knit. What to do? What to do? I wondered what Cara, who only knits what she loves, would do. And Cara told me. I don't know how she knows when I reference her blog (there is still a lot I'm learning about blogging); but she knows. She was my first commenter back in August! You never forget your first commenter. But anyway, she suggested that I try to get through the Grapevine Scarf for a bit by knitting 4 rows a day. I thought I could do that; it's only a scarf after all. I decided 4 pattern rows a day; purl rows hardly count (it's a scarf). So, last night, that's what I set out to do. But I did 6 pattern rows, which made a whole repeat. M was sitting next to me and he commented that the scarf was almost 30 inches long, and I said no, it wasn't even two feet yet. "Measure it," he said. 28.5 inches unblocked. Apparently, my almost supernatural ability to judge volumes does not extend to judging inches knit. This was a revelation! Each repeat is about 1.5 inches. If I could do two repeats a day for 10 days, the scarf would be long enough, and I could use it over the Christmas holidays in the Midwest where it is actually cold. I am motivated! Thanks to Cara's advice, I realized I was much nearer to finishing a beautiful scarf than I gave myself credit for. Now, if I only had her ability to take photos! If you have never followed her links to her nature photos, you are missing out. She has a very creative eye and really sees like a camera.

Although, I am not an official member of Eye Candy Friday, I don't have a digital SLR camera (yet), or Cara's super talented eye (notice how my horizon cuts right through the middle of my photo), I leave you with this picture of the California coast north of San Francisco (I've got two repeats to knit!). It's so beautiful it's hard to take a bad picture. This is at The Sea Ranch in late October right before sunset.

sea ranch coast sunset.JPG


Anonymous said...

This is my first attempt at even commenting on a blog so bear with me. I have canvassed your blog to get an idea of the jargon and prepared with my friend…so here goes nothing.

MJ and I are members of an MCB department, like yourself, but I read and MJ knits and beads and reads so we all have these things in common. I turned to MJ while I was drinking EtOH and she was drinking H2O and thought BTW it would be cool to go to Davis and see all these cool places that BJM writes about. So MJ and I got in my TSX and left SF CA on I80 and soon arrived in Davis. We stopped between the LBS and the LYS near the KFC to get a bite to eat. Being members of MCB we realized undercooked OR KFC might carry SARS, so we skipped lunch. OK. So we looked around for a while and MJ realized that she had a 2D SDS-PAGE running, a WIP, that will help her get her PhD (my PhD is a FO where I studied H12 of NHRs). We had to go. She didn’t think she added enough APS and TEMED to the gel and we have lot of APS and TEMED since we are in a HHMI lab at UCB. Anyway, just wanted to write and say hi and we love your blog (no really, it is very cool and MJ says “it rocks!”…this coming from people with multiple iPODs).

Anonymous (a.k.a. MJ and Julio, the Squishy Squirrel).

Cara said...

I have magic powers. ;-) I'm so glad you kept knitting the scarf. I try to knit only what I love, but sometimes even projects I love get to be boring or tedious or frustrating.

YAY for you! And thanks about my photographs. I think yours is beautiful!

trek said...

If a person has set their blogger account not to make their email address public, you get their comments from an anonymous blogger account. Sometimes you can trace the person back to their own blog where they may or may not have an email address listed. Good luck.