Wednesday, February 21, 2007


M's joinery:

tongue and groove


interlocking dados

My joinery:

knitting on the second border perpendicular to the scarf length

OK, so I don't use power tools, I don't make a lot of sawdust, and I don't know a nifty name for this type of "joinery," but knitting the second border of the wide-bordered scarf perpendicular to the scarf body, and attaching it to the scarf as I knit is fun. Grandma Adeline will have a new scarf! The Sea Silk is soft; I think she'll like it. FO pictures to follow soon.


Brigitte said...

Beautiful! And thanks to Antiques Roadshow, I can appreciate the work even more!! ;)

Sea Silk is wonderful, isn't it? She's just come out with a new one - Sea Wool... I picked some up last night, so soft and such wonderful colours!

Twisted Knitter said...

Beautiful joinery of all kinds!

Lucky Grandma Adeline. That is such a beautiful color!

A little aside -- my husband used to count woodworking as a serious hobby until we moved 7 years ago. When I took up knitting and started acquiring needles, notions, supplies and YARN, he totally understood. He used to enjoy woodworking because he could "make sawdust" and have a visual reminder of how much he'd done. He gets it -- he knows why knitting is so satisfying to me.

Kim said...

I'd love to make something with Sea Silk (or even touch it) someday.

I love seeing the woodworking, too!

Alison said...

Both are wonderful outlets for creativity :-)

Rachel said...

Very cool! My husband's brother is a cabinetmaker/furniture maker, so I am always treated to an "inside" look of cabinet works. Your scarf is just as impressive (and a lot less messy!). Great job!