Wednesday, January 17, 2007


While thinking of various projects and possibilities, I have come up with some questions for which I have no answers. As I puzzled and puzzed about who could help me, I thought to ask you, my readers, if any of you have the answers. So, here are my questions, and if you know an answer or have an idea, please leave a comment. Thanks!

Question 1: Can a felted piece of knitting be cut with a scissors into pieces without unraveling? Could I knit a big rectangle, felt it to its felting limit, and then cut it like I would a piece of fabric before sewing? I would think this is possible, but I am unsure. I really, really want this to be possible.

Question 2: M gave me this lovely tea-for-one with blueberries on it.

blueberry tea for one

As I was drinking herbal blueberry tea from it (yeah, yeah, nauseatingly cute, deal with it) yesterday evening while knitting the second gingerbread cable sock, I thought how much I would like a sock yarn with the colors in my tea-for-one. I don't know of any company that makes a blue-white-green variegated sock yarn. Do you?

Question 3: You may remember from the official 2007 Molecular Knitting State of the Stash post that I have over 2000 yards of Lamb's Pride worsted in Periwinkle. I want to knit a sweater with it, most likely cabled, and I am on the search for patterns. Many that I have found use either a regular worsted or a bulky weight yarn, and swatching has yielded unfavorable results. Why can't I find any patterns in a heavy worsted/aran weight? Where are they? Please, please, let me know! I don't want to have to try to knit Victorian Lace Today in heavy worsted. I also don't yet feel up to designing a whole sweater (I've only knit 2: a patterned gansey-like sweater and a cable-rib cardigan).

These are my current questions. If you have an answer, please let me know! Tomorrow: one mitt down, one to go.


Julie said...

I have not done it myself, but it is my understanding that you can cut felted knitting and it won't ravel (or is it unravel?).
Sock yarn -- there must be some blue-white-green out there. Check and
No answer on the sweater question -- sorry! Good luck!

Christy said...

1. Yes. I haven't done it myself, but I have seen patterns for things like laptop cozies or thrift store sweater bags that instruct you to do so.
2. The closest I can think of is Lisa Souza's Lime n Violet colorway, but of course that has violet in place of blue.
3. Rogue calls for Aran weight or heavy worsted. Otherwise I would try British based patterns since aran weight is often called for in them.

KnitTech said...

1. Yes.
2. Don't know.
3. Design your own. (It's easier then you think.)

Paula said...

1. I think you can
2. Dye your own?
3.Knitting Pure and Simple has sweater patterns that call for heavy worsted. I have used several of their patterns and think they are great.

Brigitte said...

Yes, you can - check out Wendy's site (, she's cut felted items.

If you want a good cabled pattern with worsted - I agree with Knitting Pure and Simple, as well as trying out the archives. You're bound to find something there! Looking forward to seening what you choose!

trek said...

1. yes
2. bet you could call Blue Moon and they'd come up with a colorway
3. Samus, Rogue, Kepler, the FLAK pattern

jae said...

Hmm, you have several good answers for #1. I can't help with #2. As for #3, if you can't find an existing pattern, and you are willing to knit a drop shoulder style - designing your own is as easy as a guage swatch. Good luck!